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South Farms CT Locksmith Store South Farms, CT 860-364-3032Who doesn’t remember the Victoria theater disaster of 1883 when so many children died due to stampede and fire? The incident actually stirred the mass conscience of colonial Britain and led to massive enquiry however, the biggest positive out of the incident was the compulsory inclusion of emergency exit doors. Easy to operate and open, they can assist people during the time of any unfortunate eventuality or natural disaster. If you own a commercial space, then it’s a must to get exit locks such as push bars installed in your premises.

Thanks to the all-round emphasis on quality, South Farms CT Locksmith Store in the area has become very popular, as we have the wherewithal to install all types of push bars including those being operated with the help of latch and bolt mechanism.

Although we are here to take care of all your needs, for the sake of simplicity, let’s state the factors taken into consideration when setting up efficient exit points:

  • The type of device used:

A commercial building with multiple people entering and exiting at a given point of time would do extremely well with the push bars as only the displacement of the latch is enough to rush out during a fire incident however, for residential condominium; electronic locks seem to be suitable. They consist of couple of keys that have to be pressed at the time of emergency.

  • The placement of escape doors

Exit doors should be easily reachable by everyone, no matter where they are located in the building. It cannot be situated in a narrow alley that cannot accommodate people. In all probability, exit passages should be given top priority by the builders during construction phase.

  • Safety and security

Never compromise on the quality of the exit door just to cut costs. Poorly installed push bars may get jammed and would not open no matter how hard you try to get out. Therefore, do not rely on amateur locksmiths but trust us to deliver reliable services with regular maintenance of the exit locks.

Seek South Farms CT Locksmith Store’s expertise:

If you want to make your building abide by the stringent rules and regulations, it is about time to get in touch with our locksmith professionals at 860-364-3032 and ensure that the best emergency exits and push bars are in place.